Caribbean Almonds, Nutmeg & Cinnamon Herbal Tea

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Golden ingredients are combined to produce one of the most subtle and refined blends in our
series. The flavours slowly emerge so as not to overwhelm the palate while the full benefits of
the fruit and liquid are felt in due course.

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Although consumed first and foremost in its natural nut form almond can be ground down to make a tea whose aroma is distinctively understated. We have added nutmeg and cinnamon, two classic spices that are immensely popular in West Indian cuisine, particularly confectionery and desserts, to bring a perceptible touch of sweetness to the mix.

The aftertaste works its way into all the senses slowly but surely and a marvellous flavour lingers in the air without being in the slightest bit overpowering. Almond is one of the healthiest nuts imaginable and has been used the world over in both sweet and savoury snacks and cakes. There is a particularly sensual aroma that pervades this blend due to the use of roasted almond, which infuses the blend with an even more delicious stimulus for the palate. This is further enhanced by the presence of blackberry leaves rooibos and hibiscus, an absolutely thrilling combination that again provides a mixture of aromas that is distinctive all the while retaining great subtlety.

These days, almond is increasingly processed into both oil and milk, but when made into a tea the nut retains the strong dietary fibre that makes it a highly effective food supplement that is analogous to several prized fruits and vegetables. Nutmeg and cinnamon both provide a strong, vivid contrast to the almond.

Cinnamon, in particular, has been recommended by health practitioners as a superlative agent for weight loss, above all because it fosters good digestion and sits well on the stomach, precluding the need to eat more often than one should. It also helps maintain the general health of the intestine and raises physical and mental energy levels, in particular concentration and overall alertness. So this is the tea that will satisfy your taste bids and focus your mind in a single hit.

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